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We founded our own firm IPCGS beginning of 2017. Here are a few snippets of what we have done before:

Nokia vs. Bosch and IPCom - "Representative for Bosch: Dr. Roman Sedlmaier...  for IPCom: ... Jan Gigerich (patent attorney)..."

(cf. JUVE with Google Translate)

"...international litigations are coordinated by Dr. Roman Sedlmaier ... This is a complex cross-jurisdictional effort, involving at some point over 100 cases (including numerous invalidation actions brought by Nokia and HTC in various countries)..."  

(cf. Foss Patents)

"Frohwitter law firm accompanied the case against HTC. It also represents Bosch in licensing issues with Nokia. In addition, [the law firm] is working with patent attorney Gigerich in the dispute with Nokia."

(cf. JUVE with Google Translate)

"On 24 January of this year, Mr Justice Floyd ordered that the confidentiality club should be expanded beyond external UK lawyers and relevant experts to include an external German lawyer (Dr. Sedlmaier) who was said to have been co-ordinating IPCom’s strategy since 2007."

(cf. EIP Europe LLP)

"Dr. Roman Sedlmaier coordinates IPCom's worldwide litigations (with cases pending on three continents, so he spends a lot of time on airplanes and has acquired an in-depth cross-jurisdictional understanding of patent enforcement), and patent attorney Jan Gigerich is involved with IPCom's prosecution and nullity/opposition proceedings... Ten years ago the two also authored recommendations for the City of Munich in connection with patent infringement risks relating to the city administration's use of the Linux operating system and other free and open source software."

(cf. Foss Patents)

"According to JUVE information, lawyers from the firm of IPCom ... have negotiated the settlement [with Deutsche Telekom, according to Reuters: Telekom pays 'low-to-medium triple-digit' mln euros]. The patent processes had led IPCom with the two litigation firms ... Both belong to the core team of the Pullacher assertion company, as well as ... patent attorney Jan Gigerich ...

Representative IPCom:... Dr. Roman Sedlmaier,... Jan Gigerich (patent attorney)"

(cf. JUVE with Google Translate)

"BSH initially retained the small IP boutique IPCGS ... (cf. JUVE Patents)

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