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For each client we tailor an individual strategy that considers the details of the technology, the global market and business data as well as the underlying legal context. We want our clients to use patents actively.

We discover the patent's strengths and weaknesses to actively improve our clients' situation. We defend their position in oppositions and nullity actions, as patent owner or when they are confronted with unjustified demands.

We determine where a litigation fits into our clients' overall strategy. We represent them in Germany in infringement and validity cases and coordinate international litigation.

We develop a business solution for our clients that fits their needs, now and in the future. In licensing negotiations, we bring across what the value of a patent is and what the business case looks like.

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Jan Gigerich


Dr. Roman Sedlmaier



"...international litigations are coordinated by Dr. Roman Sedlmaier ... This is a complex cross-jurisdictional effort, involving at some point over 100 cases (including numerous invalidation actions brought by Nokia and HTC in various countries)..."  

(cf. Foss Patents)

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